Our annual Conventional Corn & Soybeans Day took place at Albert Lea Seed on Dec. 1, 2021. Videos from the conference are available below and on our YouTube channel.


Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program

Brad Jordahl Redlin, program director for the water quality certification program at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Choosing Viking Corn & Soybeans for 2022

Mac Ehrhardt, president & co-owner of Albert Lea Seed; Jake Hanson, product manager & agronomist at Albert Lea Seed

Payments for Good Practices? Value-Added Regenerative Agriculture Programs

Anna Teeter, conservation agronomist at Cargill

Impact of Winter Rye Cover on Soybean Yield, Insects, and Weed Control

Jon Gaska, senior research agronomist at the University of Wisconsin; Sam Bennett, Iowa farmer

Cover Crop Seeding Windows for Corn (V5, Pre-Harvest, Post, Harvest)

Axel Garcia y Garcia, associate professor and sustainable cropping system specialist at the University of Minnesota