AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™

Micronutrients For All Crops

  • AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™ is a concentrated balance of all essential plant micronutrients required by every crop.
  • AgriGuardian’s proprietary formulation of MicroMix Complete is chelated with sugar-based ingredients that allow rapid uptake and utilization by plant’s leaves, shoots, roots, and reproductive structures.
  • The micronutrients in MicroMix Complete promote vigorous growth, maturity, and performance of crops.
  • MicroMix Complete enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides.
  • MicroMix Complete helps prevent micronutrient deficiencies and resist plant diseases.
  • Using MicroMix Complete provides a beneficial way to increase nutrition, yield, and profit for all crops.
  • AgriGuardian products are field researched by University and USDA scientists, and successfully used on major agricultural operations around the world since 2005.

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Application Guidelines

AgriGuardian MicroMix Complete™ may be used alone or tank-mixed with glyphosate*, glufosinate, and most other herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and liquid fertilizers. (IF mixing with other chemicals or fertilizers always do a jar test to determine compatibility, and test on a small portion of field before applying to all of crop.)

MicroMix Complete can be applied through:

  • Foliar spray
  • Irrigation systems
  • Starter solutions, or root dips at planting or transplanting
  • Soil application, or media drench for transplant or seedling production
  • Nutrient solutions for hydroponics and greenhouse house production

Apply Per Acre:

  • 2 Applications of 16 ounces of MicroMix Complete mixed with 5-20 gallons of water.
    • Apply early in plant growth to ensure adequate micronutrients for rapid growth.
    • Apply to foliage during vegetative or early reproductive stages of development.
  • Soil and tissue tests are the best way to determine application rate needed.

*Apply with Glyphosate to Herbicide Tolerant Crops

  • MicroMix Complete helps prevent yellow flash and other negative effects of glyphosate when applied to herbicide tolerant crops.
  • MicroMix Complete prevents micronutrient deficiencies by supplying the plant with micronutrients in a form that glyphosate cannot tie-up.