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Icicle Winter Peas

  • Strong winter hardiness – potential for overwintering in the Upper-Midwest
  • Excellent root system and high biomass production in the spring
  • Small seed with good viability; lowers seeding costs
  • White flower; more digestible and sweeter tasting to livestock compared to Austrian Winter peas
  • Can also be used as spring forage pea in cover crop mixes or forage blends
  • Requires inoculant for proper nodulation for nitrogen fixation
  • 65% germination rate

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Icicle Winter Peas
Performance Table
Species NameDrilledBroadcast/AerialIn MixApprox. Seeds/lbSeeding Date RangeSeeding DepthWinter KillTotal N (Lbs/Acre/Yr)
Icicle Winter Peas60-75NA25-304,200Aug-Sept1-2 inchNo70-150
Balansa Clover5-86-92-3500,000March-May, July-Sept¼ inchYes50-100
Berseem Clover12-1515-202-5200,000Mid May-August¼ - ½ inchYes55-100
Crimson Clover12-2025-302-5150,000June-Sept¼ - ½ inchYes50-90
Medium Red Clover8-1215-182-5272,000Feb-May, Aug¼ - ½ inch70-150
White Blossom Sweet Clover
Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover8-12152-5259,000Feb-May, Aug¼ - ½ inch90-170
Subterranean Clover15-2025-308-1070,000Aug-Sept¼ - ½ inchYes70-100
4010 Field Peas
Austrian Winter Peas60-75NA25-303,900Aug-Sept1-2 inchYes70-150
Hairy Vetch25-3035-4010-1516,000Aug-Oct½ - 1 inchYes70-200
Common Vetch50-6070-8025-304,200Aug-Sept½ -1 inchYes5-50
Chickling Vetch60-70NA20-402,600March-May1-1 ½ inchYes5-70
Iron & Clay Cowpeas50-75NA25-353,000June-Aug½ - 1 inchYes150
Faba Beans100-150NA25-501,400March-April, Aug- Mid Sept1-3 inchYes50-140
Mung Beans15-20NA4-812,000Late May-Aug1-2 inchYesInsufficient Data
Small-Seeded Black Lentils40-5060-7520-3011,000March-May, July-Sept½ - 2 inchesYes
Sunn Hemp15-20NA4-811,000June-Aug½ - 1 inchYes100-140


Viney, cool-season annual legume. Pea residue breaks down quickly.

Best Use:

Excellent forage quality for livestock, silage, or cover crop/plow down. Can produce up to 2-4 tons DM/acre.


Prefers cool weather and well-drained soils. Does not tolerate acidic soils. Inoculate before planting. Can withstand colder autumn temperatures than field peas.


Not reliably winter hardy in Upper Midwest.

Planting Date:

March – April or Aug – Sept. If spring seeding, seed as early as possible.


50-100 lbs/acre drilled. 1-2” deep.