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Opuntia macrorhiza v. spaerocarpa

Cold Hardy Prickly Pear!

This is a cactus you can grow outdoors all year long! Opuntia macrorhiza v. spaerocarpa is a selection made from the Minnesota native, Plains Prickly Pear.  This could be grown as a houseplant or a landscape plant! With a short stature, this plant makes a good groundcover. Once old enough, it will produce sweet fruits from yellow flowers. These can be eaten fresh or can make great jams and syrups! It likes to be planted in gritty, dry areas in your landscape. In the winter, the plant will shrivel and get a reddish tint. This is a defense mechanism to protect it from the cold and the bright and dry winter environment. Once the spring arrives, the pads rehydrate and regain their green colored pads!


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