Viking 200 Brand BMR Sorghum Sudangrass

Untreated Seed
  • BMR (Gene 6) and dry stalk trait: speeds dry time
  • Early maturing, multi-cut hybrid; 40-50 days to boot stage
  • Sweet stalk for high palatability
  • Tillers profusely and has fine stalks; better choice for hay compared to other hybrids

$72.00 / 50lb Bag


Adaptation & Use: Good soils, but is drought tolerant. Likes hot weather. Best suited for grazing, green chop, baleage, or silage.

Harvest & Management: Usually harvested 45-60 days after seeding. Protein will decline as harvest is delayed, but energy will increase upon heading due to continued sugar formation I the sorghum stalks and leaves, and carbohydrate deposition in the developing grains. Cut 6? above ground for best regrowth. Larger stems make drying for hay more difficult than for sudangrass. Manage potential for prussic acid and nitrate buildup.

Planting Date: Mid-May to early July (soil temps 62?F+)

Seeding: 20-30 lbs/acre drilled, 25-35 lbs/acre broadcast. High end of the rate for hay production. ?”-1?” deep.


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