Viking 51-95 Non-GMO Seed Corn SEED SIZE DISCOUNT

95-Day CRM


  • Consistent performance each year
  • Shorter hybrid with excellent stalk and root strength
  • Healthy plant with good tolerance to Goss’s Wilt
  • Excellent drought tolerance with high test weight
  • Widely adapted across South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Iowa, and Michigan
  • Best yield performance at medium to high population
  • Customers report this is a fi ne choice for hand-picking
  • Non-GMO corn seed variety in bulk

SAVE with this seed size discount: 35-38lb Flats.  

$140.00 / 80M Unit

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Albert Lea Seed is 100% focused on giving you the best non-GMO corn available, and our Viking brand offers the leading non-GMO seed corn lineup in the Midwest. Our conventional, non-GMO seed corn is screened, trialed, and tested, and it holds yields with and often beats the best traited corn out there, including those from multinational companies. We source our germplasm from large and small breeding programs and run our own replicated testing program to compare all these hybrids. Sure, we are looking for the highest yield, but we are also screening hybrids for stalk and root strength, disease resistance, drought tolerance, and population tolerance. You deserve the best, so plant Viking seed corn.