Viking 80-89 Non-GMO Seed Corn

89-Day CRM


Planting Population: 28,000 – 34,000

  • Exciting new genetics with great performance in 2019 across locations in MN, SD, & WI
  • Broad adaptation to many soil types & environments
  • Medium-tall plant with strong stalks for late season standability
  • Moves south out of zone well as an early or replant option


 / 80M Unit

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Viking 80-89 Non-GMO Seed Corn
Performance Table
HybridCRMGDUs to BLPlanting Pop / AcreHigh PopEmerg. VigorCorn-on-CornNCLB ToleranceGray Leaf Spot TolGoss's WiltDrought ToleranceRoot StrengthFall Stalk StrengthPlant HeightSilage Adapt.Dry DownTest Weight
Viking 80-89 Non-GMO Seed Corn89219028-348788ID98788887
Viking 81-82 Non-GMO Seed Corn82215028-36K8878777888787
Viking 88-84W Workhorse Non-GMO Seed Corn84216028-368788878779876
Viking 68-86 Artesian Non-GMO Seed Corn86218028-34K8878ID810888878
Viking 68-86P Artesian Non-GMO Seed Corn86218028-34k8878ID810888878
Viking 71-90UP Non-GMO Seed Corn90220026-36K8867768778869
Viking 42-92 Non-GMO Seed Corn92226028-36K9878778888978
Viking 88-94W Workhorse Non-GMO Seed Corn94234026-347787778779876
Viking 51-95 Non-GMO Seed Corn95235030-36K8787ID88986688
Viking 52-96 Non-GMO Seed Corn96237030-36K8868788887778
Viking 46-96 Non-GMO Seed Corn96237028-36K8787898877877
Viking 52-96 Non-GMO Seed Corn96237030-36K8868788887778
Viking 44-98 Non-GMO Seed Corn98238030-36K8878767887787
Viking 99-00 Non-GMO Seed Corn100240028-36K8778788986688
Viking 52-00 Non-GMO Seed Corn100240028-36K8888788897787
Viking 55-02 Non-GMO Seed Corn102247028-36K7777787778788
Viking 46-02 Non-GMO Seed Corn102246030-368878788878777
Viking 51-04 Non-GMO Seed Corn104254028-36K8887797888977
Viking 42-05 Non-GMO Seed Corn105256028-34K8888898787677
Viking 84-05P Non-GMO Seed Corn105258028-36k8788888886777
Viking 84-05 Non-GMO Seed Corn105258028-36K8888898788677
Viking 48-08 Non-GMO Seed Corn108260028-36K9889898888867
Viking Fodder 4 Non-GMO Silage Corn108260028-36K997ID8888798ID6
Viking 49-09 Non-GMO Seed Corn109261030-36K8777878887787
Viking 58-11 Non-GMO Seed Corn111262028-368788878888978

Additional information

Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 18 × 5 in