Organic Viking (106RM) O.18-06UP Seed Corn

106-day CRM



  • Impressive grain yields in the central and western Corn Belt, with very good drydown
  • Medium height plant with very good emergence
  • Strong stalks and roots
  • Good staygreen & fall intactness allows for a wide harvest window
  • Above-average test weight and grain quality


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Albert Lea Seed is committed to the success of organic farmers, and our Viking brand offers the leading lineup of organic corn hybrids in the United States. Our Viking organic corn seed is screened, trialed, tested, and is specifically adapted to the unique challenges of organic farming. For example, we know that fast emergence and strong early-season growth are crucial characteristics for organic corn. We also know how important the absence of GMOs is to organic farmers and consumers. We were the first company in the U.S. to offer a purity guarantee on corn. Viking ULTRAPURE Corn & Soybeans give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are starting with seed that is 99.9% GMO-free.

We source our germplasm from large and small breeding programs and run our own replicated testing program to compare all these hybrids. We are looking for the highest yield (and the best tonnage/quality for silage), but we are also screening hybrids for emergence, ear flex, drydown, stalk and root strength, disease resistance, drought tolerance, and population tolerance. Some of our replicated trials are run on certified organic ground so we can see how our hybrids and varieties perform under organic conditions. When you plant Viking organic corn seed, you can be sure it has been screened and produced specifically for organic farming. You deserve the best so why settle? Plant Viking seed corn for sale.

Organic Viking (106RM) O.18-06UP Seed Corn
Performance Table
HybridCRMGDU's To Black LayerPlanting South of ZoneFood Grade PotentialPlanting PopulationHigh Pop. Tol.Ear TypeEmerg.Root StrengthFall Stalk StrengthPlant Ht.Test Wt.Dry DownSilage PotentialCob ColorDrought ToleranceNCLB Tol.SCLB Tol.Goss's WiltEyespotGray Leaf SpotCommon RustGreen Snap
Organic Viking (106RM) O.18-06UP Seed Corn106Med-High88887887Red88
Organic Viking (079RM) O.99-79P Seed Corn79Med-High78779868White77
Organic Viking (080RM) O.87-80 Seed Corn80Med-High87877897Red87
Organic Viking (085RM) O.58-85 Seed Corn85Low-High88878877Pink87
Organic Viking (085RM) O.58-85UP Seed Corn85Low-High88878877Pink87
Organic Viking (088RM) O.45-88P Seed Corn88Med-High88878889Red87
Organic Viking (089RM) O.52-89UP Seed Corn89Med-High88887777Red77
Organic Viking (091RM) O.31-91P Seed Corn91Low-High88789878Pink87
Organic Viking (091RM) O.31-91 Seed Corn91Low-High88789878Pink87
Organic Viking (091RM) O.98-91UP Seed Corn91Low-High77787787Red98
Organic Viking (091RM) O.62-93UP Seed Corn93Med-High98888777Red77
Organic Viking (095RM) O.84-95UP Seed Corn95Med-High97987886Red88
Organic Viking (096RM) O.52-96P Seed Corn96Med-High88887877Red88
Organic Viking (097RM) O.45-97UP Seed Corn97Med-High88888878Red78
Organic Viking (098RM) O.98-98P Seed Corn98Med-High88788777Red78
Organic Viking (100RM) O.85-00P Seed Corn100Med-High88897686Red88
Organic Viking (101RM) O.69-01PGS Seed Corn101Med-High8878876IDRed78
Organic Viking (102RM) O.55-02UP Seed Corn102Low-High77878877Red77
Organic Viking (102RM) O.46-02P Seed Corn102Med-High88888877Red78
Organic Viking (104RM) O.51-04PGS Seed Corn104Med-High88888789Pink77
Organic Viking (108RM) O.48-08PGS Seed Corn108Med-High89988768Red89
Organic Viking (109RM) O.72-09P Seed Corn109Med-High87888777Red77
Organic Viking (112RM) O.FodderP Seed Corn112Low-high78789769Red88
Organic Viking (114RM) O.82-14PGS Seed Corn114Low-High78789769Red88

You can’t grow non-GMO grain if the seed you are planting has high levels of GMOs. Conventional and organic farmers growing corn and soybeans for a specific non-GMO end-user need to know how much GMO is in the seed they are planting. To meet that need we developed the seed industry’s first Non-GMO Purity guarantee. Viking Ultra-Pure seed is guaranteed to be 99.9% GMO-free. Viking Pure seed is guaranteed to be 99% GMO-free.

Visit our Viking page to read more about Viking Pure and Viking Ultra-Pure.