by Mac Ehrhardt, President | Co-Owner
Jake Hansen, Product Manager/Agronomist

Note: Inventory is changing daily. Call now for latest inventory levels and to find the right seed for your ground: (800) 352-5247

One of the sure signs of Spring at the Seed House is phones ringing off the hook. Customers from across the country are calling to order seed corn and soybeans for 2021. Here’s a quick update on our corn and soybean inventory and offers.



We have a good supply of most of our conventional corn hybrids including some of our key hybrids in Viking 51-95, 52-00, and 84-05.

Silage Corn

We are out of 51-04, Fodder 4, and 48-08, but Viking 84-05 makes a great 105-106 day silage corn with very good tonnage, silage quality, and a wide harvest window.

Viking 84-05 for Silage

WorkHorse Hybrids: If you have a piece of ground that just never yields more than 160-170 Bu/acre, we offer two WorkHorse hybrids for $118/Bag. Viking 88-84W and Viking 88-94W

Sold Out: Viking 81-82, 51-04, Fodder 4, 48-08, & 58-11.


Viking O.85-00P

“We are failing our customers by not pushing this hybrid more,” Mac Ehrhardt scolds us, because apparently we haven’t done a good enough job of explaining what a great hybrid Viking O.85-00P is. He thinks it is likely the best 100-day Organic hybrid we have ever sold.

“It’s got the same female parent as O.84-95, but with better emergence and higher yields! Wake up and plant some!”

Small Seed Size, Special Price

We have three small-seeded organic corn hybrids on special for as low as $187/bag1. Choose from Viking O.52-96P, Viking O.85-00P, and Viking O.46-02 organic corn hybrids, which are as good as— or even better than—Pioneer Untreated.

Viking O.52-96P

Viking O.52-96P is a tough hybrid with high yield potential. Strong emergence, suitable for reduced tillage. Very good root and stalk strength. Excellent plant health, including resistance to Anthracnose stalk rot. Good drought tolerance.

Viking O.85-00P

Viking O.85-00P is a consistent yielder with very good drought tolerance. Healthy plant with above average tolerance to Tar Spot. Strong stalks and roots. Very good intactness. Good emergence. Average test weight.

Viking O.46-02

Viking O.46-02 is widely adapted with strong yields from central Nebraska to New York. Semi-flex ear with very good test weight. Strong emergence, stalks, and roots. Medium-tall healthy plant with good fall intactness.


We still have a good supply of most Organic hybrids, with some noted inventory changes:

Sold out of Viking 84-95, replace with Viking O.52-96P (Same female parent as O.84-95, higher yielding on good ground) or Viking O.45-97P (Excellent emergence, great drought tolerance, very fast drydown).

Sold out of Viking O.18-06UP, replace with Viking O.51-04P (very high yielding, lower t.w.) or Viking O.74-10PGS (very high yielding, widely adapted).

Sold out of Viking O.48-08P, replace with Viking O.74-10PGS (very high yielding, widely adapted)



We are selling the heck out of Organic Soybean seed, so order soon!

Sold out of Viking O.2418, replace with Viking O.2244AT (similar yields to O.2418, aphid-tolerant, great standing)

Nearly sold out of Viking O.3054RA12

Nearly sold out of Viking O.2702 (top-end yield potential, topped trials in 2017-19)


Most of our conventional soybeans are still in. Overall we’ve got a good supply (and good quality) Viking Conventional soybeans.

Heavy Cyst Ground?

Viking 2340KN

Try some Viking 2340KN. It’s got high yields, great standability. 

Viking 1940KN

Viking 1940KN both have the Peking trait for outstanding stacked aphid tolerance so you never have to spray for aphids!

Viking 0821N comes south well as an early soybean cyst nematode pressure and has ridiculous yield potential. It won the U. of MN Central Zone trial at Rosemount, yielding 73.8 Bu./Acre!

Top Performers

Viking 1518N (excellent yielding 1.5 RM, bushy plant with sound agronomics), 2155N (Top seller in 2020, outstanding yield performance), and 2418N (over 80-bushel field average, Wells, MN 2020)

Viking 3144 is starting to catch on as a 3.1 yellow-hilum, high-protein soybean.

1 Retail price as low as $187/80,000 Kernel unit if paid by Dec. 15, 2020 and maximizing volume discounts. Regular retail $245 before any discounts.