Mac Ehrhardt

Owner and Board Chairman

Tom Ehrhardt

Owner and Board Member

Brett Bell

President & CEO

Matt Helgeson

Product Management and Sales

Ben Hinueber

Sales, Plant Operations

Elia Romano

Sales, Purchasing, Business Management

Katherine Skaar

Information Management, Database Manager

Kaylee Reese

Spec Ops

Jake Hansen

Sales, Agronomy, Corn & Soybean Testing & Evaluation

Brian White

Sales, Corn & Soybean Production Manager

Theresa Pedretti

Cover Crop Sales Agronomist, CCA

Margaret Smith

Forage Agronomist, PhD

Ty Larson

Sales Agronomist, CCA

Lacey Nelson

Sales Agronomist

Herb Hasenkamp

National Sales Manager

Carl Gaudian

Regional Sales Manager - North Region

Scott Ausborn

Regional Sales Manager - Central Region

Joe Fries

Regional Sales Manager - West Region

Jim Wichmann

Sales, Seed Certification & Quality

Ryan Anderson

Seed Plant Manager

Carol Skaja

Receptionist, Accounts Payable

Nicole Hansen

Human Resources

Phil Runden

Accounting, IT Oversight

Sandra Kowalik

Operations Manager Ames

Amy Swain

Information & Logistics Manager

Jeff Jimenez

Freight Manager

Rebecca Wubben

Shipping & Delivery Lead

Mary Boorsma

Garden Center Manager

Lily Palokangas

Garden Center Horticulturist

Randy Harmdierks

Creative Manager

Ashley Bingham

E-Commerce Sales, Marketing

Denise Hoffman

Event & Communications Manager

Cole Thompson

Marketing Director