Blue River Organic Soybeans

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We know that seed purity and the absence of GMOs are paramount to the success of organic farmers. That’s why Blue River organic soybeans are labeled PURE or ULTRAPURE. That’s our guarantee to growers that all of our organic soybeans for feed are 99% GMO-free (PURE), and all yellow-hilum food-type organic soybeans are 99.9% GMO-free (ULTRAPURE). Blue River organic soybean varieties are rigorously tested—before, during and after production—to ensure non-GMO integrity. We know that producing a pure product is important, but we also want to provide a product that will perform. Our organic soybeans have consistently performed and competed with some of the best conventional and treated soybeans on the market. We know that organic farmers need to know how products will respond to traditional organic management; that’s why in addition to public trials, we also conduct extensive organic replicated research internally. We understand the challenges facing organic farmers, and it is our goal to provide the best seed possible to support our customers.

Organic Virtue V5422S Soybeans

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