Alsike Clover


  • Non-spreading winter-hardy legume that can persist 1-3 years
  • White or pale pink blossom
  • Inoculated with PreVail (OMRI-listed)

Best Use: Pastures, silage mixes, cover cropping

Adaptation: The Alsike clover seed grows in moist and acidic soils (down to pH of 5.0). Performs best on wetter ground; tolerant of occasional flooding and poorly drained soils.

Management: Introduce grazing animals to alsike-heavy pastures slowly to avoid bloat. Can be difficult to dry and should not be used in horse pastures. Do not cut or graze closer than 2 inches.

Planting Date: February – May, July 15 – August 30. Can be frost-seeded.

Seeding: Drill ¼ in. deep or broadcast and roll 1-3 lbs/acre in a mix; 6-10 lbs/acre for a cover crop.