BG-24T Perennial Ryegrass

  • Fast germination and strong seedling vigor
  • High yielding
  • Highly palatable and nutritious
  • High in digestible fiber
  • Blend of intermediate & late diploid and tetraploid varieties
  • More heat and cold tolerant than BG-34 & better disease tolerance

Nearly a decade ago, Barenbrug released BG-34, a blend with late maturing perennial ryegrass varieties. Since then, Barenbrug breeders have selected new more heat and cold tolerant perennial ryegrass varieties at trial sites in USA.

Research by Barenbrug has shown that under high summer temperatures, early and intermediate maturing varieties perform better than very late maturing varieties. These new varieties have better disease tolerance and they perform better in the extreme environmental conditions experienced in cool-season grass growing regions of United States.

BG-24T consists of mainly diploid perennial ryegrass varieties which provide a dense stand, along with some tetraploid perennial ryegrass which improve the overall palatability and productivity of the grass field.



Perennial Ryegrass

Establishes rapidly; excellent wear tolerance; relatively high yielding; high nutritive value. Grows from 1′-2’ tall. Recovers rapidly and tillers extensively. Careful management and variety selection help ensure best results.

Best Use:

For grazing or haylage in mixture with red clover or white clover. Begin grazing at 4-6”– stop when grazed to 3”.


Best on heavier, moistureholding soils. Not suited for sandy ground.


Slow mid-summer growth. Graze closely and frequently. To maximize winter hardiness, graze or cut to 4-6” going into fall freeze. Apply 50# of N along with sulfur, and maintain good levels of calcium and micronutrients.

Planting Date:

March-May, Aug. 1-31. Can be frost seeded early spring in permanent pasture.


25-35 lbs/acre alone or 4-10 lbs/ acre in mix.