Concerto Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Improved disease and drought resistance
  • Good seedling vigor, quick establishment
  • Ideal for high traffic areas

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Kentucky Bluegrass


A short-to-medium height, long-lived, highly palatable, perennial grass. It spreads via rhizomes to form a dense sod. Pastures composed of Kentucky bluegrass mixed with legumes have higher nutritional values than pure grass pastures.


Best Use:

Ideal for permanent pastures that are continuously grazed. It tolerates close and frequent grazing better than other cool-season forage grasses. Especially well-suited for horse pastures


Grows best during cool, moist weather on well-drained, fertile soils.


It is slightly slower to establish than many other cool-season grasses. However, once established, it spreads quickly via extensive rhizome production.

Planting Date:

March-May, Aug. 15-31

Seeding: 30 lbs/acre alone for pasture or 4-10 lbs/acre in a mix. 100-150 lbs alone for lawns.

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