Corn Builder CC12 Cover Crop Mix

Legume Blend Preceding Corn

Three small-seeded legumes with excellent N-fixing capabilities.

  • Alfalfa and berseem clover will likely winterkill in Upper Midwest: red clover should over winter
  • Potential for high quality hay cutting in seeding year plus enough regrowth for fall/spring plowdown.
  • Harvesting for forage crop without enough time/moisture for adequate regrowth will limit nitrogen benefit for following crops
  • Weather conditions will impact growth rate and height of underseeding mix; don’t delay small grain harvest as alfalfa and berseem clover will continue to grow up into plant canopy
  • Small-seeded legumes are pre-inoculated

Planting Date: Spring-seeded with a small grain

Seeding: 12-15 lbs/acre drilled at 1/4” to 3/8” deep.



Our cover crop mixes for grazing are a combination of nitrogen fixing and biomass producing species specially chosen to maximize cover crop benefits and complement a diverse crop rotation. These mixes will improve soil structure, add and scavenge nutrients, compete with weeds and simplify the seeding process. We are also happy to work with you on custom cover crop blends that will fit any rotation, field, or soil type.