Cover Crop Radish

Vigorous growth and taproot growth accumulates leachable nutrients, protects soil, improves infiltration, and mitigates compaction

  • Adapted to most soil types; avoid wet areas
  • Plants will break down completely by spring; no need for aggressive fall or spring tillage. Plan on light field cultivation in the spring for optimum seedbed prep
  • Winterkills in the Upper Midwest
  • Not suitable for spring planting; will bolt and produce seed
  • Variety Not Stated

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Cover Crop Radish
Performance Table
Species NameDrilledBroadcast/AerialIn MixApprox. Seeds/lbSeeding Date RangeSeeding DepthWinter Kill
Cover Crop Radish6-88-92-325,000Aug-Sept¼ - ½ inchYES
Winter Camelina3-55-61-2400,000Sept - Oct¼ inchNO
Purple Top Turnips3-55-61-2220,000March-May, July-Sept¼ - ½ inchYES
Carwoodi Oilseed Radish6-88-92-325,000Aug-Sept¼ - ½ inchYES
TapMaster Brand Radish6-88-92-325,000Aug-Sept¼ - ½ inchYES
Dwarf Essex Rape4-77-91-2145,000March-May, July-Sept¼ - ½ inchYES
Forage Kale3-44-51-2144,000March-May, July-Sept¼ - ½ inchYES
Yellow Mustard15-2020-253-5180,000Feb-April, Aug-Sept¼ - ¾ inchYES
Pacific Gold Mustard15-2020-253-5180,000Feb-April, Aug-Sept¼ - ¾ inchYES
Ethiopian Cabbage5-66-81-3180,000July-Sept¼ inchYES

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