Hakari Alaska Brome

  • Yields more and recovers faster than smooth brome
  • Non-sod forming, excellent alfalfa companion
  • Fast to establish and high quality
  • Not as persistent as smooth brome
  • Seed 8-15 lbs in a mix or 35 lbs alone

$3.20 - $160.00



A leafy, deep-rooted, sod-forming, very persistent perennial grass. Forage quality compares with other cool-season grasses. Matures later in the spring than orchardgrass and makes less summer growth, but is much more winter hardy.

Best Use:

Suitable for hay or long-term pasture.


Grows best on well-drained silt-loam or clay-loam soils.


Slow to establish; rarely provides a productive crop until second year. Begin grazing at 8-10”. Stop when grass is 4”. Optimal re-growth period of 28-35 days between grazing. Low tolerance to 3- and 4-cut hay systems. Survives but goes dormant during drought and temperature extremes. In pure stand, requires early spring and fall applications of N to maintain high yields.

Planting Date:

March-May, August 1-31


15 lbs/ac alone or 2-5 lbs/ac w/ alfalfa.


Seed meadow brome or Alaska brome for haying applications, smooth brome for long-term pastures.

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