MultiMax CC7 Cover Crop Mix


Blend of grasses, legumes, and brassicas. Smaller seed size and high seeds/lb. provide premium diversity for low cost.

  • Can establish under shade and canopy with adequate moisture
  • Excellent candidate for seeding into standing crops or at the V6/last cultivation stage. Time with rain at seeding
  • Well adapted to all soil types and field conditions
  • Can be grazed if properly managed
  • Winterkills in Upper Midwest, not a good fit after full-season crops

Planting Date:

Last cultivation or Aug. 1 – Sept. 15. Later planting will lessen prevalence of clovers.


15-20 lbs/acre at ¼” to ½” deep. Drill, broadcast or aerial apply.


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Our cover crop mixes for grazing are a combination of nitrogen fixing and biomass producing species specially chosen to maximize cover crop benefits and complement a diverse crop rotation. These mixes will improve soil structure, add and scavenge nutrients, compete with weeds and simplify the seeding process. We are also happy to work with you on custom cover crop blends that will fit any rotation, field, or soil type.