Native Shortgrass Mix

Contains four native grass species that are less than 3 feet tall. Native grass mix includes slender wheatgrass, side oats grama, blue grama, and little bluestem. Add a 1-5lbs per acre to our wildflower mixes for added diversity, habitat, and enhanced weed prevention. Or plant as a pure stand.

Rate per Acre: 8-10 lbs as a pure stand, or up to 5lbs when added to wildflower mixtures

Rate per 1,000 sq. ft.: 8 oz



At Albert Lea Seed, we carry a wide selection of native grass species for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), CREP seeding, filter strip plantings, and landscaping projects. Our native seed comes from Midwest growers and processors and is well adapted to the growing conditions of the Upper Midwest. If you need specific varieties or species of organic wildflower, native grass or CRP seeds that you don’t see here, we can special order species and/or mixes for you.



  • 47.51% Side Oats Grama
  • 17.54% Little Bluestem
  • 19.64% Slender Wheatgrass
  • 6.49% Blue Grama