Organic Buckwheat

Quick-growing, broadleaved summer annual organic buckwheat seed for sale. Ready to incorporate in 35 to 45 days.

Potential for multiple plantings per year. Grain crop reaches maturity in 70 to 90 days. Very competitive with tough-to-control perennial and annual weeds like giant ragweed and Canada thistle. Easy to control and residue breaks down rapidly making this an ideal choice for small-scale producers. Excellent scavenger of P and other nutrients. Attracts beneficial insects and pollinators with its abundant flowers.

  • Excellent full-summer cover crop & pollinator-forage crop
  • Thrives on nutrient poor and varying soil types, but not on compacted, droughty, or wet soils
  • Sensitive to frost, drought, excessive heat, and any carryover herbicides
  • Terminate crop at first sign of flowering to avoid volunteer weeds


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Organic Buckwheat
Performance Table
Species NameDrilledBroadcast/AerialIn MixApprox. Seeds/lbSeeding Date RangeSeeding DepthWinter Kill
Organic Buckwheat50-100NA15-2515,000May-Aug½ - 1 ½ inchesYes