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Organic Ruby Red Brand Red Clover


  • Highest yielding red clover we sell!
  • 1st Place in 2019-2020 U of WI Prairie du Sac Variety Trial for 2020 and 2-yr DM yields
  • Excellent persistence and disease resistance
  • Fast drying and high forage quality
  • Fast establishment and rapid recovery after cutting
  • Inoculated with PreVail (OMRI-listed)




Extremely versatile, multipurpose clover that establishes easily and rapidly. Not as drought-tolerant, winter-hardy or long-lived as alfalfa.

Best Use: Pasture, haylage, dry hay or cover crop

Adaptation: Grows on all types of soils, but better adapted to heavier soils. Performs better than alfalfa on wet and low pH soils.

Pasture & Hay: Hay dries slowly, but improved varieties (Ruby Red, Freedom! MR) drydown faster. Can cause livestock bloat when high-percentage stands are grazed.

Planting Date: February – May, July 15 – August 30. Best clover for frost-seeding.

Seeding: 8-12 lbs/acre drilled, 15-18 lbs/acre broadcast; 2-5 lbs/acre in a mix. Drill or broadcast and roll. Plant 1/4″ to 1/2″ deep.

Cutting/Grazing: Medium red clovers recover after being cut. Don’t cut after September 1 in the seeding year to allow root reserves to build for winter survival. Graze or cut for hay when 25% – 50% of the red clover stand blooms. Leave at least 2″ growth after each harvest.

To view trial data for Organic Ruby Red Clover, visit our trial data page and select the “Other Forages” tab.