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Organic Turkey Red Heirloom Winter Wheat

  •  Heritage variety with taller growth habit and late maturity
  • Tall height, shades out weeds better than modern varieties
  • Lower yielding than modern varieties
  • Can tolerate poor soils because of extensive root system
  • Seed threshes free of hull like modern wheats • Unique rich and complex flavor with excellent baking qualities
  • Seed 100-120 lbs/acre in early spring

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With a recent resurgence in consumer demand for ancient/heirloom grains in milling and brewing, these specialty grains can offer a premium in the marketplace. Identify your market before planting and plan ahead! Emmer and Einkorn thresh with the hulls intact (like oats). Most milling and malting markets will require the grain be dehulled before accepting, so have a plan for dehulling yourself. However, if you plan to save grain for seed, store with the hull intact. Dehulled grain quickly loses its viability to germinate.

  • Avoid excess nitrogen fertilizer and keep off deep, rich soils to avoid lodging.
  • Plant 100-150 lbs per acre at 1” deep in the spring.
  • Because the seeds are planted with attached hulls, watch for flowability issues through the drill.
  • Swathing/windrowing may be a better choice than direct harvest due to lodging risk.