Spring Green Festulolium

  • Tetraploid cross between meadow fescue and Italian ryegrass
  • Excellent spring yield and better-than-average winter hardiness

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Cross between meadow fescue or tall fescue and perennial or Italian ryegrass. Combines ryegrass’ quick establishment, high feed value, production, and palatability with fescue’s persistence and summer productivity. High sugar content that is easily digested, allowing animals to gain a high-energy ratio for milk/meat conversion. Provides excellent season-long forage.


Best Use:

Recommended for silage in a mixture with alfalfa or red clover in short-term rotations (2-3 years). Also used in fast-establishing pasture mixes or for overseeding pastures. Begin grazing at 4″-6″and remove animals when grass is 2″-3″.


Likes medium-heavy soils. When mixed with alfalfa or clover, provides companion to enhance palatability and quality.


Should not be seeded alone due to its susceptibility to cold, but it has good persistence with legumes or other grasses.

Planting Date:

March-May, Aug. 1-15.


25-40lbs/acre alone. 15-20lbs/acre when overseeding. 5-10 lbs/acre in mix.


When using bromegrass or orchardgrass, add festulolium to improve quality of pasture or haylage.