Sustane Organic Lawn Fertilizer 9-0-2

Suståne 9-0-2 combines Slow Release Nitrogen – which helps promote thick lawns and lasting turf color – with quickly available natural Chilean nitrate for a fast turf response in cool soils. Suståne 9-0-2 also contains two types of high quality compost for improved soil building.

Apply the Sustane natural and organic professional lawn fertilizer 9-0-2 in May or June and again in September or October. 50 pounds covers 4,500 square feet @ 1lb of N per 1000 square feet.  Apply 11 lb. per 1,000 square feet.

Net weight: 50lbs per bag

Benefits of Suståne Compost based fertilizers:
• Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer feeds plants for up to 3 months
• Increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil
• Reduces nutrient loss from leaching
• Improves soil structure, porosity, and stability, leading to greater root development
• Environmentally friendly and safe for kids and pets

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$41.99 / 50lb Bag

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