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Bonus Teff Grass

  • Fine-stemmed, warm-season, multi-cut annual forage
  • Best fit for dry hay production; grazing animals can uproot plants, particularly in dry conditions
  • One of the best performing teff grasses across various university trials; exceeding the yields of Tiffany
  • Adaptable to most soil type
  • Mineral content high in calcium and iron

Best Use: Fast growing forage crop for all classes of livestock. Attractive green color for premium horse hay market.

Management: Needs at least 50 lbs/acre N, and adequate P and K. Harvest in pre-boot to early boot stage about 45- 50 days after planting. Leave 3-4 inches when cutting.

Planting Date: Late May to late July (soil 62°F+)

Seeding: Seed 8-12 lbs coated seed/acre ⅛” to ¼” deep into extremely firm seed bed.

$120.00 / 50 lb bag

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