Organic Viking O.87-80P Seed Corn

80-Day CRM


  • Very good yield potential in its zone of adaption
  • Good drought stress tolerance
  • Good stalks & roots in maturity zone
  • Excellent drydown in the fall
  • Best performance at higher populations on medium to heavy soils

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Organic Viking O.87-80P Seed Corn
Performance Table
HybridCRMAttributeHeat UnitsN&S RegionE&W RegionPlanting PopulationHigh Pop.Low Pop.Emerg.Early GrowthPlant HealthDrought ToleranceFall Stalk StrengthRoot StrengthPlant Ht.Test Wt.Dry DownSilage PotentialCob Color
Organic Viking O.87-80P Seed Corn80PURE19501E,C,WMed-High877778787897Red
Organic Viking O.99-79P Seed Corn79PURE19401E,C,WMed-High778877779868White
Organic Viking O.58-85P Seed Corn85PURE21401E,C,WLow-High888878788877Pink
Organic Viking O.58-85UP Seed Corn85ULTRA PURE21401E,C,WLow-High888878788877Pink
Organic Viking O.45-88P Seed Corn88PURE21901,2E,C,WMed-High868878788889Red
Organic Viking O.71-90UPGS Seed Corn90ULTRA PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE22801,2E,C,WLow-High888878778879Pink
Organic Viking O.31-91 Seed Corn91PURE23001,2E,C,WLow-High888878879878Pink
Organic Viking O.98-91UP Seed Corn91ULTRA PURE22901,2C,WMed-High787779877787Red
Organic Viking O.88-91UP Seed Corn91ULTRA PURE22901,2E,C,WMed-High977889997786Red
Organic Viking O.31-92P Seed Corn92PURE22901,2,3C,EMed-High879977769968Pink
Organic Viking O.82-95P Seed Corn95PURE24502,3E,C,WMed-High879878778978White
Organic Viking O.84-95UP Seed Corn95ULTRA PURE24502,3,4E,C,WMed-High967788897886Red
Organic Viking O.52-96P Seed Corn96PURE24602,3,4E,C,WMed-High878888887877Red
Organic Viking O.45-97UP Seed Corn97ULTRA PURE24703,4E,C,WMed-High878877888878Red
Organic Viking O.98-98P Seed Corn98PURE24903,4E,C,WMed-High878887878777Red
Organic Viking O.31-99P Seed Corn99PURE24903,4E,C,WMed-High878887788778Pink
Organic Viking O.79-00UP Seed Corn100ULTRA PURE25003,4,5E,C,WMed-High979977888798Red
Organic Viking O.85-00P Seed Corn100PURE25103,4E,C,WMed-High878888987686Red
100PURE, LEAFY/FLOURY25503,4E,C,WLow598888779NANA10White
Organic Viking O.69-01P Seed Corn101ULTRA PURE25203,4,5E,C,WMed-High86887787876IDRed
Organic Viking O.55-02UP Seed Corn102ULTRA PURE25303,4,5E,C,WLow-High787777788877Red
Organic Viking O.46-02P Seed Corn102PURE25303,4,5E,C,WMed-High878887888877Red
Organic Viking O.51-04PGS Seed Corn104PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE26003,4,5E,C,WMed-High868787888789Pink
Organic Viking O.38-05P Seed Corn105PURE26004,5E,CMed-High878887878777
Organic Viking O.68-06P Seed Corn106PURE26204,5E,C,WLow-High888887888788Red
Organic Viking O.18-06UP Seed Corn106ULTRA PURE26204,5,6E,C,WMed-High868898887887Red
Organic Viking O.48-08PGS Seed Corn108PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE26505,6E,C,WMed-High879898898768Red
109PURE, LEAFY/FLOURY26505,6E,C,WLow589888798NANA10Pink
Organic Viking O.74-10PGS Seed Corn110PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE27505,6E,C,WMed-High978888897779Pink

You can’t grow non-GMO grain if the seed you are planting has high levels of GMOs. Conventional and organic farmers growing corn and soybeans for a specific non-GMO end-user need to know how much GMO is in the seed they are planting. To meet that need we developed the seed industry’s first Non-GMO Purity guarantee. Viking Ultra-Pure seed is guaranteed to be 99.9% GMO-free. Viking Pure seed is guaranteed to be 99% GMO-free.

Visit our Viking page to read more about Viking Pure and Viking Ultra-Pure.

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