Viking 42-92P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn

92-Day CRM

Strong, Healthy Hybrid, Jumps Out of the Ground


  • Excellent emergence and early growth to get ahead of the weeds
  • Tall plant with early canopy closure; good dual-purpose potential for grain or silage
  • Excellent tonnage and good quality as silage
  • Early flowering hybrid with good grain test weight
  • Slower drydown for a 92-day
  • Semi-flex ear, suitable for medium to high populations on good soils
  • Moves south well as an earlier hybrid

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Viking conventional, non-GMO corn that has not been coated with seed treatment.

Viking 42-92P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn
Performance Table
HybridCRMAttributeHeat UnitsN&S RegionE&W RegionPlanting PopulationHigh Pop.Low Pop.Emerg.Early GrowthPlant HealthDrought ToleranceFall Stalk StrengthRoot StrengthPlant Ht.Test Wt.Dry DownSilage PotentialCob Color
Viking 42-92P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn92PURE22601,2,3E,C,WMed-High978888888879Red
Viking 87-80UNT Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn8019501E,C,WMed-High877778787897Red
Viking 58-85P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn85PURE21401E,C,WLow-High888878788877Pink
Viking 71-90UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn90ULTRA PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE22801,2E,C,WLow-High888878778879Pink
Viking 88-91UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn91ULTRA PURE22901,2E,C,WMed-High977889997786Red
Viking 51-95UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn95ULTRA PURE24502,3,4E,C,WMed-High967788897886Red
Viking 98-98P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn98PURE24903,4E,C,WMed-High878887878777Red
Viking 79-00P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn100PURE25003,4,5E,C,WMed-High979977888798Red
Viking 86-03UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn103ULTRA PURE25403,4,5E,C,WLow-High978888997886Pink
Viking 51-04GS Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn104PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE26003,4,5E,C,WMed-High868787888789Pink
Viking 63-05P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn105PURE26003,4,5E,C,WMed-High878888798777Red
Viking 48-08P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn108PURE / GRAIN / SILAGE26505,6E,C,WMed-High878898898769Red
Viking 74-10PGS Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn110PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE27305,6E,C,WMed-High978888897779Pink
Viking 78-11P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn111PURE27504,5,6E,CLow-High7988878881066Red
Viking 53-12GS Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn112GRAIN/SILAGE27605,6+E,C,WMed-High978888897779Pink

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Weight 51 lbs