Organic TapMaster Daikon Radish

  • Bred for long taproot to mitigate compaction, sequester nutrients and compete with weeds
  • Consistent from year-to-year, unlike VNS Radish
  • Excellent scavenger of N, P & Ca
  • Non-bolting if planted in the fall
  • Will likely winterkill in Upper Midwest

Seeding: 6-8 lbs/acre at ¼” to ½” deep. Drill or increase rate to broadcast seed.


Organic TapMaster Daikon Radish
Performance Table
Species NameDrilledBroadcast/AerialIn MixApprox. Seeds/lbSeeding Date RangeSeeding DepthWinter Kill
Organic TapMaster Daikon Radish6-88-92-325,000Aug-Sept¼ - ½ inchYes
Organic Polish Rapeseed (B. Rapa)4-77-91-2145,000Mar-May, July-Sept¼ - ½ inch
Organic Purple Top Turnips3-55-61-2220,000Mar-May, July-Sept¼ - ½ inch
Organic Purple Top Turnip and Rapeseed Mix