Sunburst Switchgrass

  • Large-seeded upland variety Sunburst switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) seed
  • Stronger seedling vigor and faster establishment than other varieties
  • Early maturing tall variety which can reach 6’
  • Well adapted to the Upper Midwest (see map in resources tab)

Pure Stand Seeding Rate PLS lbs / acre: 6.0

Height: 4′-6′

PLS=Pure Live Seed

$7.50 / Pure Live Seed Pound


Our native grass and wildflower species come from Midwest growers and are adapted to the Upper Midwest. We meet all state and federal seed laws, and we do not sell seed contaminated with palmer amaranth. Native grasses and forbs are priced by Pure Live Seed (PLS) per lb. Visit for full descriptions of our native species and mixtures.