Organic Blue River 0654AT Soybeans

0.7 RM


Hilum: Black

Protein: Average

Seed Size: Medium

End Use: Feed Grade

  • Rag1 aphid-tolerance gives good protection against soybean aphids
  • Solid yielding genetics in-zone or suitable for use as a short-season or replant this organic black soybean further south
  • Avoid high pH soils or fields with a history of Phytophthora root rot

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Organic Blue River 0654AT Soybeans
Performance Table
VarietyRMSeeds Per UnitPlant TypePlant HeightHilum ColorProteinGrain UseEmergenceEarly GrowthLodgingHeat & Drought ToleranceShatterPhyto. GenePhyto Tol.IDC (iron def. chlor.)Brown Stem RotWhite MoldSDSFrogeye Leaf SpotCyst NematodeSoybean Aphid Resist.
Organic Blue River 0654AT Soybeans0.7140,000MMBlackAvgFeed77666ID45IDIDIDID5Yes
Organic Blue River 0821N Soybeans0.8140,000MBMBrownAvgFeed88768None776IDIDID7No
Organic Blue River 1202N Soybeans1.2110,000MBMBrownAbove AvgFeed77777Rps1k85ID76ID7No
Organic Virtue V1323S Soybeans1.3140,000MSYellowIDFeed/Food77877Rps3a87ID8ID85No
Organic Blue River 1518N Soybeans1.5140,000MMBlackAvgFeed88877None77767ID7No
Organic Blue River 1544ATP Soybeans1.5MBMBlackAvg57None6IDIDID
Organic Blue River 1718N Soybeans1.7140,000MMBrownAvgFeed88777Rps1k7787IDID7No
Organic Blue River 1706NP Soybeans1.7140,000BMTBlackAvgFeed77577None75787ID6No
Organic Virtue V1821 Soybeans1.8140,000MMYellowAvgFood/Feed87878Rps1c77ID7887No
Organic IA1029 Soybeans1.8110,000MBMYellowHighFood45657None65555ID4No
Organic Blue River 18C7 Soybeans1.8140,000MBMBlackAvgFeed55778ID778IDIDID7No
Organic O.N1958P Soybeans1.9MBMBlack Very High 87none59ID7
Organic Blue River 1955AT Soybeans1.9140,000MMBrownAvgFeed77767None74365ID6Yes
Organic Blue River e1993N Soybeans1.9110,000MBMImp. BlackAvgFeed77867Rps1k76576ID7No
Organic IAS19C3 Soybeans2.1110,000MMYellowAbove AvgFood778ID7None66ID77ID7No
Organic Virtue V2122 Soybeans2.1140,000MMBrownAvgFeed77868Rps3a78ID7775No
Organic Blue River 2155N Soybeans2.1140,000MBMTBrownAvgFeed88778None67878ID7No
Organic Blue River 2244A Soybeans2.2140,000MMMixedAvgFeed67767NoneID7666ID7Yes
Organic Blue River 2418N Soybeans2.4140,000MBMBlackAvgFeed88767Rpc1c77777ID7No
Organic Virtue V2423 Soybeans2.4140,000MMBrownAvgFeed88878Rps1k88ID7877No
Organic Blue River 2188A12N Soybeans2.5110,000MBMTYellowAbove AvgFood/Feed66557None57555ID7Yes
Organic Blue River 2702 Soybeans2.7110,000BMTBrownAvgFeed77777None56ID66ID5No
Organic IA3054RA12 Soybeans2.8110,000MMYellowHighFood56767None55IDIDIDID4Yes
Organic Blue River 29DC5 Soybeans2.9140,000MBMBlackAvgFeed88778ID777ID7ID7No
Organic Virtue V2922 Soybeans2.9140,000MMBuffAvgFeed77868None78ID7778No
Organic Blue River 3118N Soybeans3.1140,000MMBlackAvgFeed88767Rps1k77666ID7No
Organic Blue River 34A7 Soybeans3.4140,000MBMBrownAbove AvgFeed77888ID76767ID5No
Organic Blue River 3418N Soybeans3.4140,000MBMTBrownAvgFeed88877Rps1k7IDIDID7ID7No
Organic Blue River 35DC2 Soybeans3.5140,000MBMBlackAvgFeed88766ID776ID7ID7No
Organic Blue River 35F2 Soybeans3.5110,000MBMYellowHighFood77555IDID6IDID6ID7No
Organic Virtue V3623S Soybeans3.6110,000MSBlackAvgFeed87768Rps1k8IDIDID777No
Organic Virtue V4122S Soybeans4.1140,000MMBlackAvgFeed88668None7IDIDID687No
Organic Virtue V4520S Soybeans4.5140,000MMBlackAvgFeed77768Rps1a7IDIDID665No
Organic e4993 Soybeans4.9140,000BMTBlackAvgFeed77787None86IDID7ID7No
Organic Virtue V4921S Soybeans4.9140,000MMTBlackAvgFeed88768Rps1k8IDIDID675No
Organic Virtue V5422S Soybeans5.4140,000MMTImp. BlackAvgFeed87768Rps1a7IDIDID775No

The purest seed on the market, plain and simple.

You can’t grow non-GMO grain if the seed you are planting has high levels of GMOs. Conventional and organic farmers growing corn and soybeans for a specific non-GMO end-user need to know how much GMO is in the seed they are planting. To meet that need we developed the seed industry’s first non-GMO purity guarantee.

PURE seed is guaranteed to be 99% GMO-free. ULTRAPURE seed is guaranteed to be 99.9% GMO-free. Seed not designated PURE or ULTRAPURE has no genetic purity guarantee. We cannot guarantee the genetic purity of grain produced from any seed.