Winter Rye

Uncertified - Variety Not Stated
  • Most common and most hardy fall-seeded cover crop in northern climates
  • Competes heavily with weeds; quality forage/green manure in spring
  • Excellent feed value as late-season forage with protein levels up to 18%
  • Well adapted to all soil types including low fertility, acidic, or sandy soils
  • Can plant late into fall (until first snow) but performs best when seeded at least six weeks before freeze up
  • Germinates down to 35°F soil temps
  • Can suppress germination of following crops (especially small seeded grasses)
  • Allow terminated rye to decompose for 7-10 days prior to seeding following crop
  • Heavy N and water usage in spring. Terminate early if spring drought is forecast

$20.00 / 50lb Bag

Quantity Price
1 - 9 $20.00
10 - 39 $17.00
40 - 199 $16.50
200+ $16.00
Winter Rye
Performance Table
VarietyWinter HardinessMaturityPlant HtStraw StrengthErgotTest Wt.Grain Protein2022 Yield (bu/A)Avg Yield 3 yrs (bu/A)
Winter Rye50-10012015025-7518,000Aug-Nov½ - ¾ inchNo
Winter RyeExcellentVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesIDID
Organic Aroostook Winter Rye1EarlyTall9442IDID
Aroostook Winter Rye1EarlyTall9442IDID
ND Gardner Winter Rye3EarlyVery Tall539274.865
Organic ND Gardner Winter Rye3EarlyVery Talll539274.865
Danko Winter Rye1MedMed231782.780.1
Organic Danko Winter Rye1MedMed231782.780.1
Hazlet Winter Rye2LateTall612685.578.5
Organic Hazlet Winter Rye2LateTall612685.578.5
CoverMax Winter Rye1NAMed2NANANANANA
Organic CoverMax Winter Rye1NAMed2NANANANANA
KWS Tayo Hybrid Rye2LateShort1149118.9110.2
Organic KWS Tayo Hybrid Rye2LateShort1149118.9110.2
KWS Bono Hybrid Rye2LateShort1119IDID
KWS Serafino Hybrid Winter Rye2LateShort1129115.2111
KWS Progas Hybrid Rye2LateMed2NANANANANA
KWS ProPower Hybrid Rye2LateMed2NANANANANA

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