What can Viking Pure & Ultra-Pure Seed do for you?

Source Non-GMO Growers Who Start Pure (and Ultra-Pure)!

As a buyer or processor of non-GMO grains, ingredients, or consumer-packaged goods you understand the importance of the non-GMO label to many consumers. And you have lived through the frustrations of trying to source non-GMO ingredients.

Different tests give different results, and people along the supply chain don’t know who to blame: Did the farmer plant seed contaminated with GMO? Did pollen blow in from neighboring fields? Was the combine, grain cart, or bin not cleaned out? Or is the test faulty?

When farmers plant Viking Pure and Ultra-Pure seed, you can eliminate one of those variables. When Viking seed is labeled with a Pure or Ultra-Pure label, we guarantee the purity of the seed in the bag. Your farmer-growers can plant with confidence, knowing that they are starting with the level of seed purity they need to meet the requirements of your contract.


Viking Ultra-Pure Seed is guaranteed to be 99.9% GMO-free. How do we achieve that 99.9% level of non-GMO purity?

  • Stringent testing of seedstock
  • Extreme isolation of seed production
  • Dedicated non-GMO equipment throughout all phases of production and processing
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) of all seed lots and seed sizes

That’s how farmers can be sure they are planting the purest seed available.

If your production contract demands grain that must meet the highest purity standards, and your growers have the know-how and production techniques to prevent other sources of contamination, Viking Ultra-Pure is the best choice.

We award the Ultra-Pure label only on best-in-class hybrids that have been tested and trialed throughout the Midwest.


Viking Pure Seed is guaranteed to be 99% GMO-free. Animal-feed non-GMO grain contracts that allow 1.5 – 4.5% GMO are a good fit for these types of contracts. Viking Pure Seed allows farmers to plant seed that is guaranteed to be 99% free of GMOs, well below the threshold of these contracts.

Source Pure from Viking Pure & Ultra-Pure Seed

Get the most out of your non-GMO growers’ contracts. Viking Pure and Ultra-Pure seed doesn’t protect your farmers’ grain from cross-pollination by neighboring crops, co-mingling, or faulty testing. But with in-field best practices and equipment hygiene, your growers can start pure and stay pure, all season long.

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