Blue River and Viking organic combined to form the strongest lineup of organic corn, soybeans, and alfalfa in the nation. Below are 40+ Top 10 corn finishes for 2023. Individual trial results are available on our trial data page.

Trial Data Page


Blue River organic and Viking conventional, non-GMO corn had an outstanding year, netting 40+ Top Ten Finishes across the country. Not only are we competing with the best products available, we’re often beating big-name labels with expensive traits. If anyone is wondering if organic and non-GMO corn can yield, it’s time to check the data.

Viking/Blue River 85-09131416.2UIL Region 2 EarlyMonmouth, IL
Viking 84-05124317.7ISU North Full-seasonSheldon, IA
Viking 72-061218.118.2FIRST MNSE FullEyota, MN
Viking/Blue River 48-082271.225.3OSU NE Zone EarlyWooster, OH
Viking/Blue River 84-042217.219.1FIRST MNSE FullEyota, MN
Viking/Blue River 84-042208.3418.2ISU North Full-seasonMarble Rock, IA
Viking 42-922184.418.7SDSU Conv. TrialSouth Shore, SD
Viking 24-993256.917.8FIRST MNSE EarlyKasson, MN
Viking 72-063253.617.9FIRST MNSW FullEaston, MN
Viking/Blue River 52-963181.220SDSU Conv. TrialSouth Shore, SD
Viking/Blue River 84-043181.215.2FIRST MNSE FullDexter, MN
Viking 24-993171.115.2FIRST MNSE EarlyDexter, MN
Viking/Blue River 85-094268.0319.5ISU North Full-seasonOelwein, IA
Viking/Blue River 84-044266.421.7OSU NE Zone EarlyWooster, OH
Viking 72-064256.218.7FIRST MNSE FullNew Richland, MN
Viking 72-064245.918.7FIRST MNSW FullJeffers, MN
Viking 84-054242.515FIRST MNSW FullJackson, MN
Viking 72-064238.118.5FIRST IANC EarlyOsage, IA
Viking 44-984236.217.1FIRST IANOIonia, IA
Viking/Blue River 48-085284.724OSU NE Zone EarlyOH Summary
Viking/Blue River 85-09527820.5UIL Region 2 EarlyIL Region Summary
Blue River 49M235255.8518.6ISU North Early-seasonOelwein, IA
Viking/Blue River 46-027231.5913.6ISU North Early-seasonPocahontas, IA
Viking 84-057208.916.9FIRST IANC EarlyIA Summary
Viking/Blue River 84-047169.715.5FIRST IANC EarlyGreene, IA
Viking/Blue River 46-028275.417.6FIRST IANW EarlySioux Center, IA
Viking 84-058255.215.2FIRST IANC EarlyBritt, IA
Viking 72-068224.918.4FIRST MNSE FullMN Summary
Blue River 45-97UP8219.114.3FIRST MNSW EarlyJackson, MN
Viking 84-058188.216.6FIRST IANC EarlyIowa Falls, IA
Viking/Blue River 84-049282.820.9OSU NE Zone EarlyOH Summary
Viking 72-069243.316.91FIRST MNSW FullMN Summary
Viking 84-059240.417.5FIRST MNSW FullJeffers, MN
Viking 72-0610232.918.1FIRST IANC EarlyIonia, IA
Viking 72-0610230.715.3FIRST MNSW FullLamberton, MN
Viking/Blue River 85-0910210.511.8ISU Central Early-seasonMissouri Valley, IA
Viking 84-0510192.315.3FIRST IANW EarlyLuVerne, IA
Viking 84-0510163.219.1FIRST IANW EarlyPaullina, IA


Blue River organic and Viking conventional, non-GMO soybeans also had an amazing year! Check out our 50+ Top 10 soybean finishes for 2023.

Top 10 Soybean Finishes


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