Viking 22-65R Brand Grain Sorghum

Red Feed Grade - Untreated
  • Medium-early maturity grain sorghum
  • Red grain color
  • Anthracnose tolerant
  • Good for late planting, double cropping, and dry land practices
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Stiff stalk and strong, deep root system

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$165.00 / 50lb Bag


Grain Sorghums

Best Use: Human food market, livestock feed, food source and bedding habitat for wildlife.

Adaptation: Cool temperatures limit feed grain production for livestock in the Upper Midwest. Prefers slightly warmer temps than corn.

Management: Requires nitrogen fertility (up to 150 lbs N per year). Manage potential for prussic acid & nitrate build-up.

Planting Date: Late May to early July (soil at 62°F+)

Seeding: Drill 5-15 lbs/acre ½” to 1½” deep. Use high end of rate for broadcasting.

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