Bee Clover+ Mix

Our Clover+ Seed Mix for bees includes a perennial and annual legumes, and four additional flowering forbs which provide a range of heights and architecture to attract bees and other pollinators.

The flowering period is from late spring through fall. The annual crimson and berseem clovers will provide ample forage in year one; the sweet and alsike clovers will begin flowering in the summer of year one, come into full flower in year two, and persist after that. Sainfoin is a legume that thrives on dry sites. Chicory is a biennial and wild bergamot a native forb that blooms in mid to late summer. Smooth blue aster and stiff goldenrod provide pollen into late fall, a period in which nectar and pollen are in short supply. A touch of timothy grass provides added diversity, both above and below ground,  and additional pollen for some insects.       

Seed in early spring.  As an added bonus the mix includes enough Italian annual ryegrass (1lb per acre) to serve as a nurse crop to keep weed growth at a minimum.  Mow during the seeding year to control weed growth if necessary.

Rate per Acre: 12-14 lbs

Rate per 1000 sq. ft.: 8 oz

White Dutch clover 7.83%
Crimson clover 15.66%
White blossom sweet cover 11.75%
Yellow blossom sweet clover 11.75%
Alsike clover 11.75%
Berseem clover 11.75%
Sanfoin 11.75%
Chicory 1.57%
Wild bergamot 0.49%
Smooth blue aster 0.02%
Stiff goldenrod 0.02%
Timothy 7.83%
Annual ryegrass 7.83%

$8.00 / lb


Our wildflower mixtures contain 10-20 species providing natural beauty and pollinator habitat all season long. Plant into weed-free soil in spring, early summer or late fall. Weeds are inevitable during establishment; pull or mow weeds before they go to seed or become too competitive with the flowers.