Buck Forage Oats

Buck Forage Oats are the world’s greatest, most winter tolerant oats ever developed. This is food plot seed of the highest quality, and is hand-picked by Dr. James C. Kroll from his private forage preference trials for white-tailed deer.

  • World class winter tolerance
  • Will likely winter kill in the upper Midwest, but has longer staygreen than spring oats – stays green through hunting season!
  • High nutrient values, including 18% minimum protein
  • Excellent palatability and digestible energy
  • Buck Forage Oats seeds for deer are the most preferred food plot for fall and winter attraction
  • This Buck Forage Oats seed for sale is easy to plant and maintain
  • Deer will find and eat these through snow cover

Seeding Date: Late Summer/ Early Fall

Seeding Depth: ½” to 1½”

Rate per Acre: Broadcast seed or drill 100-120 pounds per acre. No till drilling is highly recommended.

–  Disc or till ground to produce a soft seed bed.

–  If broadcast, re-disc the plot with the disc blades 4 inches deep for best results. If drilled, consult drill maker setting and set seed 2 inches deep in the soil.

–  Fertilize and lime according to soil test recommendations prior to planting. With no soil test, apply 150 pounds of 19-19-19 fertilizer as a pre-plant application or top dress after planting.

$42.00 / 50lb Bag