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Enchanted Bi-Color Sweet Corn (Untreated)

  • Supersweet, with showy, plump ears and excellent texture
  • Sugary sweet from field to table
  • Supersweet (Sh2)
  • Treated with SabrEx and 1R Humic Acic – OMRI approved for Organic Production

Plant Height: 78″

Ear Length: 8″

Row Count: 18-20

Disease Resistance: SW, NCLB, R

Sweet corn comprehensive




Sweet Corn



Seed 10-15 lbs/acre or 1lb/1000’ (15,000-24,000 seeds/acre or 1,500-1,600 seeds/1000′). Plant 1 -1 1/2” deep. Row width: 30”-36”, seed spacing: 8”-12”. Min. soil temperature: 55-60°F (treated), 65-70°F (untreated).


Isolate all su, se, and synergistic varieties from super sweets (sh2) Isolate by distance (garden: 25-75 ft, acreage: 250 ft) Isolate by time (plant at 12-14 day intervals).


Fertilize based off soil test results. A common recommendation is to side-dress 1/4 lb. of Urea per 100 foot row once plants reach 1 foot in height.


When kernels are milky plump, about 18-24 days after silks emerge. Heat accelerates development, so monitor closely in hot weather.

Disease Resistance Codes:

SM= Smut

NCLB= Northern Corn Leaf Blight

SCLB= Southern Corn Leaf Blight

SW= Stewart’s Wilt

R= Common Rust

MDMV= Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus

ID= Insufficient Data