MN Clearwater Kernza

  • First commercially-viable, perennial grain seed, released by U of MN in partnership with The Land Institute
  • Larger seed size and seed retention than typical perennial intermediate wheatgrass varieties; good lodging resistance
  • Extensive, deep root system and perennial growth recycles nutrients, sequesters carbon and aids in water infiltration
  • Typically produces grain for 2 years with yield drop-off thereafter
  • Grower must have license from The Land Institute to purchase and plant Kernza grain. No exceptions.
  • Apply for licensing here
  • See resources section for more information

$12.50 / pls lb

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Planting: 10-15 lbs/acre (~12 lbs/acre PLS) from Aug. 15 – Spet.1. Seed 1/2″ deep using a brillion or drill