Organic Lipalma Tall Fescue

  • Proven variety; good season-long yield
  • Decent disease resistance
  • Excellent drought and heat-stress tolerance
  • Very winter hardy



Tall Fescue

The best companion grass with alfalfa because they establish and mature at similar rates. It is a deep rooted, hardy, bunch-type grass. Its extensive root system helps it withstand drought conditions. It is more productive in midsummer than brome. All of our tall fescue varieties are endophyte-free. New varieties have finer, softer leaves, a trait that improves palatability and digestibility. Can provide 2-3 cuttings of hay annually. Very tolerant of intensive grazing.


Best Use:

Suitable for hay or pasture. Can be seeded in pure stands or with other grasses or legumes. Ideal for winter stockpiling as cut hay or pasture. Begin grazing at 6″-8″ and remove animals when grass is down to 3″-4″.


Adapted to all soil types from drought-prone to poorly drained & wet soil.


When used as an alfalfa companion, time the first cutting according to fescue maturity, rather than the alfalfa. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cuttings can be timed with the alfalfa.

Planting Date:

March-May, August 1-31


20-25 lbs/acre alone or 4-12 lbs/acre in a mix.


Seed meadow fescue with tall fescue to improve palatability in pasture mixes.