Organic Plowdown Blend CC9 Cover Crop Mix


Our most popular cover crop legume mixture for nitrogen plowdown produces abundant biomass and fixes N for the following cash crop. Positions your fields well for corn the following year.

  • Excellent fit for underseeding spring small grains or frost seeding into winter small grains: should not interfere with small grain growth or harvest
  • Well adapted to wide range of soil types and field conditions
  • Can fix 50-100+ lbs. N/acre: legumes will be at peak N-fixation potential at flowering
  • Will over winter for spring plowdown before corn or soybeans

Planting Date:

Feb.-May; Aug. 1 – Aug. 15.


12-15 lbs/acre at ¼” to ½” deep. Drill or broadcast.


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Our cover crop mixes for grazing are a combination of nitrogen fixing and biomass producing species specially chosen to maximize cover crop benefits and complement a diverse crop rotation. These mixes will improve soil structure, add and scavenge nutrients, compete with weeds and simplify the seeding process. We are also happy to work with you on custom cover crop blends that will fit any rotation, field, or soil type.