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Rox Orange Cane Forage Sorghum

Untreated Seed


  • Medium, early-maturing forage sorghum developed for sweet syrup. Sugar content of 18-20%.
  • Can reach 8’ to 12’ tall for high silage tonnage
  • Similar appearance to corn, except seed head is on top.
  • Can be interplanted with silage corn.
  • Often used in wildlife food plots for screening or cover

Best Use: Good choice for silage, syrup production, and grazing. Rox Orange Cane sweet sorghum seed can be harvested for feed.

Adaptation: Drought tolerant and likes hot weather.

Management: Manage potential for prussic acid and nitrate build-up.

Planting Date: Late May to early July (soil 62°F+)

Seeding: Row plant, drill, or broadcast 10-15 lbs/acre 1” deep

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