Viking (084RM) 88-84W Workhorse Non-GMO Seed Corn

84-Day CRM


  • Taller hybrid with great overall stress tolerance
  • Strong adaptation in northern zones & moving west
  • Excellent overall plant health
  • Strong emergence & early vigor, good choice for corn-on-corn acres

Viking Workhorse Hybrids cost less

We are able to sell these hybrids at a lower cost for four reasons:

  1. They are produced using modified female parents which produce more seed per acre, lowering our seed cost.
  2. These hybrids carry lower royalties than the royalties we are obligated to pay on the newest, highest-yielding hybrids.
  3. They are flat-priced. No Early-Pay discounts or JDF financing.
  4. Fungicide treatment only. No Cruiser insecticide.

Are Viking Workhorse Hybrids “old” or “close-out” seed?

No. We have selected and produced these are hybrids specifically for this purpose.

These hybrids are:

  • Adapted to your less-productive ground (180 bu/A yield ceiling)
  • Widely adapted
  • Drought-tolerant
  • Flex-eared
  • Dual-purpose
  • Conventional hybrids with no traits, no guarantee on GMO purity

$115.00 / 80M Unit (call for available early pay and volume discounts)

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Viking (084RM) 88-84W Workhorse Non-GMO Seed Corn
Performance Table
HybridCRMGDUs to BLPlanting Pop / AcreHigh PopEmerg. VigorCorn-on-CornNCLB ToleranceGray Leaf Spot TolGoss's WiltDrought ToleranceRoot StrengthFall Stalk StrengthPlant HeightSilage Adapt.Dry DownTest Weight
Viking (084RM) 88-84W Workhorse Non-GMO Seed Corn84216028-368788878779876
Viking (083RM) 77-83 Non-GMO Seed Corn83215028-36K7877888877787
Viking (086RM) 68-86 Artesian Non-GMO Seed Corn86218028-34K8878ID810888878
Viking (089RM) 80-89 Non-GMO Seed Corn89219028-348788ID98788887
Viking (092RM) 42-92 Non-GMO Seed Corn92226028-36K9878778888978
Viking (094RM) 88-94W Workhorse Non-GMO Seed Corn94234026-347787778779876
Viking (095RM) 51-95 Non-GMO Seed Corn95235030-36K8787ID88986688
Viking (096RM) 52-96 Non-GMO Seed Corn96237030-36K8868788887778
Viking (096RM) 46-96 Non-GMO Seed Corn96237028-36K8787898877877
Viking (098RM) 44-98 Non-GMO Seed Corn98238030-36K8878767887787
Viking (100RM) 99-00 Non-GMO Seed Corn100240028-36K8778788986688
Viking (100RM) 52-00 Non-GMO Seed Corn100240028-36K8888788897787
Viking (102RM) 55-02 Non-GMO Seed Corn102247028-36K7777787778788
Viking (102RM) 46-02 Non-GMO Seed Corn102246030-368878788878777
Viking (104RM) 51-04 Non-GMO Seed Corn104254028-36K8887797888977
Viking (105RM) 42-05 Non-GMO Seed Corn105256028-34K8888898787677
Viking (105RM) 84-05 Non-GMO Seed Corn105258028-36K8888898788677
Viking (106RM) 72-06 Non-GMO Seed Corn106259028-36K8888788888766
Viking (108RM) 48-08 Non-GMO Seed Corn108260028-36K9889898888867
Viking (108RM) Fodder 4 Non-GMO Silage Corn108260028-36K997ID8888798ID6
Viking (111RM) 58-11 Non-GMO Seed Corn111262028-368788878888978

Additional information

Weight 51 lbs