VarietyDays to HeadingPlant Height (inches)Test Wt. 2-yr (lbs/bu)Straw StrengthBaking Milling QualityLeaf RustScabAvg. Yield 3-yr (bu)Protein % 2-yr Avg
Lang-MN Hard Red Spring Wheat57.332.760.6Avg31373.014.8
Shelly Hard Red Spring Wheat57.429.559.4Avg53474.414.1
Bolles Hard Red Spring Wheat57.832.359.2Strong12466.716.1
Organic ND VitPro Hard Red Spring Wheat54.232.261.4Strong23367.415.2
MN Torgy Hard Red Spring Wheat57.627.860.3Strong3475.814.7

All data from UMN 2019 statewide averages. Except KWS Tinka & Winter Barley data from Cornell University 2018 data set. Scab: 1 = resistant, 9 = susceptible

VarietyTypeDays to HeadingHeight (in)Straw StrengthUseAwns/Rachilla HairsProteinScabAvg. Yield 3-yr
Morex 6-Row Spring Barley6-rowMed.ShortStrongFeed ForageSemi-SmoothIDIDID
Quest 6-Row Spring Barley6-row5936AvgFeed Forage MaltSemi-Smooth Short13.3%5High
Robust 6-Row Spring Barley6-row6037AvgFeed ForageSemi-Smooth Short14.1%9Avg
Tradition 6-Row Spring Barley6-row5437Very StrongFeed MaltSemi-Smooth Long13.4%676.3
Royal Forage Barley6-rowEarlyShortStrongForageSemi-SmoothNANANA
Hays Forage Barley2-rowLateMed-TallStrongForageAwnless NoneNANANA
ND Genesis 2-Row Spring Barley2-row5534AvgFeed MaltSemi-Smooth Long11.5%680.6
Tinka 2-Row Spring Barley2-row6130StrongFeed MaltSemi-Smooth Long11.0%646
LCS Calypso 2-Row Winter Barley2-rowEarlyMedVery StrongFeed MaltIDAvgID
LCS Violetta 2-Row Winter Barley2-rowEarlyShortVery StrongFeed MaltIDAvgID
Organic SB151 6-Row Winter Barley6-rowEarlyMedStrongFeed MaltSmoothIDIDID
KWS Fantex 2-Row Spring Barley2-row~58~27StrongFeed, MaltSemi-SmoothIDIDID
Organic Haymaker Forage Barley2-rowLateTallForageAwnlessNANANA
KWS Orbit 6-Row Winter Barley6-rowMedTallVery StrongFeed, ForageIDIDIDID

Data from University of MN 2019 statewide averages. Crown Rust & BYDV: 1 = resistant, 9 = susceptible

VarietyDays to HeadingPlant HeightStraw StrengthTest Wt.Seed ColorCrown RustBYDVAvg. Yield 3-Year (bu)
Organic Sumo Oats53.6MediumVery StrongVery HighWhite59100.9
Saddle Oats54.1MediumVery StrongAvgWhite55126.4
Reins Oats55.1ShortVery StrongVery HighTan98117.2
Esker2020 Oats57.4Med-TallStrongAvgYellow37ID
Deon Oats58.7Med-TallStrongHighYellow34124.1
Hayden Oats59.2Med-TallAvgVery HighWhite83130
Organic Streaker Hulless Oats56.7Med-TallAvgVery HighNA7383.5
Morton OatsLateTallAvgHighWhiteSusceptibleIDID
Jerry OatsMed-LateTallBelow AvgHighWhiteSusceptibleIDID
Organic Everleaf 126 Forage OatsVery LateVery TallIDNANAIDIDNA
Laker Forage OatsVery LateVery TallIDNANAIDIDNA
Cover Crop Brand OatsVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesNANANA
Rushmore OatsMedTallAvg35White44ID

All data from University of Minnesota 2019. Scab & Leaf Rust 1=resistant; 9=susceptible. Baking Quality 1= best; 9=worst
Yield data from Southern Minnesota region.

VarietyWinter HardinessDays to HeadingPlant HtStraw StrengthErgotTest Wt.Grain Protein2019 Yield (bu/A)Avg Yield 3 yrs (bu/A)
Hazlet Winter Rye256624965.979.9
ND Dylan Winter Rye248829762.579
Danko Winter Rye141131765.983.3
ND Gardner Winter Rye34993975577.4
KWS Bono Hybrid Rye461111984.2115.6
KWS Brasetto Hybrid Rye281129975.4104.6
KWS Serafino Hybrid Winter Rye291123988.3116.5
KWS Tayo Hybrid Rye2721139124.4119.3
KWS Progas Hybrid Rye2IDTallIDIDIDID
Aroostook Winter Rye1169442IDID
Organic Aroostook Winter Rye1169442IDID
Organic Spooner Winter Rye519649474.669.9

All data from University of Minnesota 2019. Aroostook adapted from 2018 University of Minnesota data set. KWS provided data on Bintto, Daniello and Progas. Ergot: 1 = resistant, 9 = susceptible; Straw Strength / Protein: 1 = best, 9 = worst; Maturity: 1 = earliest, 9 = latest; Test Weight: 1 = heaviest, 9 = lightest; Plant Height: 1 = short, 9 = tall; Winter Hardiness: 1= not hardy, 9 = very hardy