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Organic Viking O.45-88P Seed Corn




  • Excellent early yield potential
  • Early flowering hybrid with very good grain test weight
  • Healthy, moves south for late planting better than O.58-85
  • Strong emergence and early-season growth
  • Semi-flex ear, strongest yields as medium to high populations
  • Good dual-purpose potential for grain or silage especially in the north

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Albert Lea Seed is committed to the success of organic farmers, and our Viking & Blue River brands offer the leading lineup of organic corn hybrids in the United States. Our seed is screened, trialed, tested, and is specifically adapted to the unique challenges of organic farming. For example, we know that fast emergence and strong early-season growth are crucial characteristics for organic corn. We also know how important the absence of GMOs is to organic farmers and consumers. We were the first company in the U.S. to offer a purity guarantee on corn. Hybrids designated PURE are 99% GMO-free, and products designated ULTRAPURE are 99.9% GMO-free.

We source our germplasm from large and small breeding programs and run our own replicated testing program to compare all these hybrid corn seeds. We are looking for the highest yield (and the best tonnage/quality for silage), but we are also screening hybrids for emergence, ear flex, drydown, stalk and root strength, disease resistance, drought tolerance, and population tolerance. Some of our replicated trials are run on certified organic ground so we can see how our hybrids and varieties perform under organic conditions. When you plant Viking & Blue River organic seed corn, you can be sure it has been screened and produced specifically for organic farming. You deserve the best so why settle? Plant Viking & Blue River.

Organic Viking O.45-88P Seed Corn
Performance Table
HybridCRMGDU's To Black LayerPlanting South of ZoneFood Grade PotentialPlanting PopulationHigh Pop. Tol.Ear TypeEmerg.Root StrengthFall Stalk StrengthPlant Ht.Test Wt.Dry DownSilage PotentialCob ColorDrought ToleranceNCLB Tol.SCLB Tol.Goss's WiltEyespotGray Leaf SpotCommon RustGreen Snap
Organic Viking O.45-88P Seed Corn882190YesNoMed-High8Flex8878888Red77ID7ID888
Organic Blue River 06B21 Seed Corn76IDYesYesMed-High8Semi-Flex8888886Red7IDIDIDIDIDIDID
Organic Viking O.99-79P Seed Corn79Med-High78779868White77
Organic Viking O.87-80 Seed Corn801950NoNoMed-High8Semi-Flex7877897Red87ID7ID7ID7
Organic Blue River 14A91 Seed Corn822020NoNoMedium7Semi-Flex8878797Red86ID77387
Organic BR 23-82P Seed Corn822050NoNoMedium7Semi-Fixed8778778Red78ID7ID678
Organic Blue River 21L90 Seed Corn852100YesNoMedium7Semi-Flex9879659Red78ID7888ID
Organic Viking O.58-85 Seed Corn852140No YesLow-High8Flex7877877Pink87ID7ID778
Organic Viking O.58-85UP Seed Corn852140No YesMed-High8Flex7877877Pink87ID7ID778
Organic Blue River 22K32 Seed Corn892140NoNoMed-High8Flex8887786Red778ID767ID
Organic Viking O.52-89UP Seed Corn892230YesNoMed-High8Semi-Flex8887777Red87ID8ID777
Organic Blue River 30K84 Seed Corn902240NoNoHigh9Fixed8888886Red788ID887ID
Organic Viking O.98-91UP Seed Corn912290NoNoLow-High7Flex7787787Red98ID8ID7ID8
Organic Viking O.31-91 Seed Corn912300YesNoLow-High8Flex8789878Pink87ID6ID888
Organic Blue River 34K79 Seed Corn932250Yes NoHigh9Fixed8787776Red778ID878ID
Organic Viking O.62-93UP Seed Corn932320YesNoMed-High9Semi-Flex8888777Red77ID7ID878
Organic Viking O.84-95UP Seed Corn952450YesYesMed-High9Semi-Fixed7987886Red8778IDID89
Organic Viking O.52-96P Seed Corn962460YesNoMed-High8Semi-Flex7887876Red8898ID798
Organic Viking O.45-97UP Seed Corn972470YesNoMed-High8Semi-Flex8888877Red8897ID779
Organic Blue River 38M23 Seed Corn982465Yes NoMed-High9Semi-Fixed7878888Red8776ID6IDID
Organic Blue River 42C87 Seed Corn982470YesNoHigh9Fixed8768879Red778IDID78ID
Organic Blue River 43L96 Seed Corn982470Yes NoMedium7Semi-Flex8889659White8IDID8767ID
Organic Viking O.98-98P Seed Corn98Med-High88788777Red78
Organic Viking O.85-00P Seed Corn1002510Yes NoMed-High8Semi-Flex8887686Red8899ID799
Organic Viking O.69-01PGS / Blue River 48G35 Seed Corn1012520YesNoMed-High8F;ex8788769Red77767777
Organic Blue River 43M24 Seed Corn1022525Yes NoMed-High8Fixed8787777Red7788ID7ID7
Organic Viking O.55-02UP Seed Corn102Low-High77878877Red77
Organic Viking O.46-02P Seed Corn1022530YesNoMed-High8Semi-Flex8888877Red7899ID789
Organic Blue River 49M23 Seed Corn1022540No NoMed-High8Semi-Fixed8888888Red7878ID7ID7
Organic Viking O.84-04P Seed Corn1042575TesNoMed-High9Semi-Flex878898IDRed77ID9ID8ID8
Organic Blue River 51T59 Seed Corn1042610YesNo Med-HighMed-High8Flex7778877Red7888777ID
Organic Viking O.51-04PGS Seed Corn1042600YesNoMed-High8Flex7878789Pink7779ID777
Organic Blue River 54C27 Seed Corn1052610YesNoMed-High8Semi-Flex8877777Red788ID868ID
Organic Blue River 54PM37 Seed Corn1052520Yes YesHigh9Semi-Flex9887876Red8888787ID
Organic Viking O.18-06UP Seed Corn1062620YesYesMed-High8Semi-Fixed8887887Red8899ID899
Organic Blue River 57A30 Seed Corn1072580NoNoMed-High8Semi-Flex8879787Red887888IDID
Organic Blue River 58PM36 Seed Corn1072650No No Medium7Flex7879886Red7778788ID
Organic Viking O.48-08PGS Seed Corn1082650YesNoMed-High8Flex8988769Red8989ID888
Organic Blue River 60PM11 Seed Corn1092620NoNoMed-High8Flex8878787Pink8777778ID
Organic Viking O.72-09P Seed Corn109Med-High87888777Red77
Organic Blue River 62G22 Seed Corn1102640NoNoMed-H8igh8Flex8888888Pink8777778ID
Organic Blue River 64K93 Seed Corn1112660NoNoMed-High8Semi-Flex8878777Red888ID778ID
Organic Blue River 66G25 Seed Corn1122810YesNoMed-High8Semi-Flex7988867Red7788888ID
Organic Viking O.FodderP Seed Corn112Low-high78789769Red88
Organic Blue River 66PM19 Seed Corn1122800YesNoMed-High8Semi-Flex7988867Red7788888ID
Organic Blue River 68C37 Seed Corn1132800YesNoMed-High8Semi-Flex9978786Red888ID878ID
Organic Blue River 70A47 Seed Corn1142790NoYesMedium7Flex8887877Red8677788ID
Organic Blue River 71PM50 Seed Corn1142820YesYesMedium7Semi-Flex7878876Red8887878ID
Organic Viking O.82-14PGS Seed Corn1142855YesNoLow-High7Flex8789769Red8888ID887
Organic Blue River 75K84 Seed Corn1162800YesNoHigh9Semi-Flex7779787Pink878ID887ID


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7% paid by Dec. 15, 2022
6% paid by Jan. 15, 2023
3% paid by Feb. 15, 2023
Not available with John Deere Financing.
Available on corn, soybeans, and alfalfa seed only.


20-99 units $2/unit
100-199 units $3/unit
200-399 units $4/unit
400+ units $5/unit

40-149 bags $0.75/unit
150-249 bags $1.00/unit
250-500 bags $1.25/unit
500+ bags $1.50/unit
Box Sales: Additional $1.00/unit


• Corn available in 40-unit (80M/unit) bulk boxes
• Soybeans available in 40-unit (140M/unit) bulk boxes or totes
• No additional packaging discounts apply for boxes or totes
• Orders need to be placed by Feb. 28, 2023
• Bulk boxes must be returned by June 30, 2023
• Cost of returning boxes is the responsibility of the customer
• $600 deposit per box invoiced at time of delivery


• Available on corn, soybeans, and alfalfa
• $2,500 minimum purchase.
• ‘Regular’ purchase John Deere Financing is available on any
product with no minimum purchase (special terms do not apply).
• JDF customer service: 1-800-356-9033
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You can’t grow non-GMO grain if the seed you are planting has high levels of GMOs. Conventional and organic farmers growing corn and soybeans for a specific non-GMO end-user need to know how much GMO is in the seed they are planting. To meet that need we developed the seed industry’s first non-GMO purity guarantee.

Products designated PURE are guaranteed to be 99% GMO-free.

Products designated ULTRAPURE are guaranteed to be 99.9% GMO-free.