Viking 71-90UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn

90-Day CRM



  • Excellent performance across all soil types and environments in its zone of adaptation
  • Tall plant; excellent testing results as a dual-purpose hybrid for grain or silage
  • Very good grain quality and heavy test weight
  • Flowers early and matures early for a 90-day
  • Fast drydown restricts harvest window for silage
  • Ideally suited for planting in zone; avoid moving too far south
  • Made Grain Millers’ 2019 list of accepted hybrids

 / 80M Unit

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Grain/Silage Corn Hybrids


Organic dual-purpose grain hybrids also produce exceptional quality and/or tonnage for silage. We test our hybrids—in the field and the lab—for silage quantity and quality against leading silage hybrid genetics at similar maturities. Only those hybrids that show consistently excellent tonnage and quality get the GS designation.


Why GS? Our GS hybrids are high-yielding grain hybrids, resulting in a lot of grain for your silage, which means more energy. GS hybrids have an optimal grain-to-stover ratio and have excellent standability compared to low-lignin specialty silage hybrids.

Viking 71-90UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn
Performance Table
HybridCRMAttributeHeat UnitsN&S RegionE&W RegionPlanting PopulationHigh Pop.Low Pop.Emerg.Early GrowthPlant HealthDrought ToleranceFall Stalk StrengthRoot StrengthPlant Ht.Test Wt.Dry DownSilage PotentialCob Color
Viking 71-90UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn90ULTRA PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE22801,2E,C,WLow-High888878778879Pink
Viking 87-80UNT Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn8019501E,C,WMed-High877778787897Red
Viking 58-85P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn85PURE21401E,C,WLow-High888878788877Pink
Viking 88-91UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn91ULTRA PURE22901,2E,C,WMed-High977889997786Red
Viking 42-92P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn92PURE22601,2,3E,C,WMed-High978888888879Red
Viking 51-95UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn95ULTRA PURE24502,3,4E,C,WMed-High967788897886Red
Viking 98-98P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn98PURE24903,4E,C,WMed-High878887878777Red
Viking 79-00P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn100PURE25003,4,5E,C,WMed-High979977888798Red
Viking 86-03UP Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn103ULTRA PURE25403,4,5E,C,WLow-High978888997886Pink
Viking 51-04GS Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn104PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE26003,4,5E,C,WMed-High868787888789Pink
Viking 63-05P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn105PURE26003,4,5E,C,WMed-High878888798777Red
Viking 48-08P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn108PURE / GRAIN / SILAGE26505,6E,C,WMed-High878898898769Red
Viking 74-10PGS Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn110PURE/GRAIN/SILAGE27305,6E,C,WMed-High978888897779Pink
Viking 78-11P Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn111PURE27504,5,6E,CLow-High7988878881066Red
Viking 53-12GS Untreated Non-GMO Seed Corn112GRAIN/SILAGE27605,6+E,C,WMed-High978888897779Pink

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Weight 51 lbs