Cover Crop Brand Oats



  • Good option for chopping, baling or cover cropping
  • Fast establishing, produces abundant biomass, and competitive with weeds.
  • Fully compliant with applicable seed laws & PVP registration
  • Fibrous root system builds soil structure and captures excess nutrients.
  • Good scavengers of P & other soil nutrients
  • Easy to control and can fit into almost any rotation
  • Oats will winterkill
  • Variety Not Stated


Seeding Date:

Plant as early in the spring as possible.  March through early may is best.  Later planting is possible as a cover crop, but will be susceptible to more leaf disease reduced growth. Can also fall plant (August to September) for productive growth.


Seed around 3 bushel per acre as a cover crop in pure stand. Can use a reduced rate when used in a mixture. ½” to ¾” deep.

$14.10 / 48lb (1.5 Bushel) Bag

Cover Crop Brand Oats
Performance Table
VarietyDays to HeadingPlant HeightStraw StrengthTest Wt.Seed ColorCrown RustBYDVAvg. Yield 3-Year (bu)
Cover Crop Brand Oats80-96128-14448-6416,000Mar-May, Aug-Sept½- ¾ inchYES
Cover Crop Brand OatsVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesNANANA
Organic Sumo Oats53.6MediumVery StrongVery HighWhite59100.9
Saddle Oats54.1MediumVery StrongAvgWhite55126.4
Reins Oats55.1ShortVery StrongVery HighTan98117.2
Esker2020 Oats57.4Med-TallStrongAvgYellow37ID
Deon Oats58.7Med-TallStrongHighYellow34124.1
Hayden Oats59.2Med-TallAvgVery HighWhite83130
Organic Streaker Hulless Oats56.7Med-TallAvgVery HighNA7383.5
Morton OatsLateTallAvgHighWhiteSusceptibleIDID
Jerry OatsMed-LateTallBelow AvgHighWhiteSusceptibleIDID
Organic Everleaf 126 Forage OatsVery LateVery TallIDNANAIDIDNA
Laker Forage OatsVery LateVery TallIDNANAIDIDNA
Rushmore OatsMedTallAvg35White44ID

Spring Oats

Oats are an annual cereal grain that can be used as a nurse crop to establish alfalfa, chopped for livestock feed, or raised for grain. Spring oats are planted very early in the spring, are tolerant to cold, fast establishing, and mature in the middle of the summer. We are a dedicated supporter of oat breeding at the University level and carry a diverse selection of oat varieties to suit any purpose.

Planting: Oats should be drilled 1-2 in. deep into a firm seedbed in early spring.

Planting Rate (straight for grain/forage): 80-110 lbs. (3 bu/A).

Planting Rate (with alfalfa): 40-50 lbs (1½ – 2 bu/A).

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Weight 49 lbs
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