Delta Field Peas

  • Yellow, dual-purpose peas: grain/forage
  • Good grain yield potential; equivalent results to DS Admiral in drier climates
  • Medium maturity, similar to DS Admiral
  • Shorter height vs. DS Admiral. 4010 will give you maximum forage yield
  • Requires inoculant for proper nodulation for nitrogen fixation

$32.00 / 50lb Bag



Planted early, field peas grow tall and leafy, and are tolerant to frost & drought.


Best Use:

Can be pastured and harvested for silage, hay, or grain.


Avoid wet ground. Prefers cool weather. Reduce planting rates when using as a cover crop for perennial forages. Inoculate before planting. Plant peas deep! (1.5″ to 3″ deep)


One-cut/graze crop; allow growth for maximum forage yield. Must be swathed for optimum grain yield.

Planting Date:

March – April or Aug 1 – Sept 15. If spring seeding, seed as early as possible.


50-75 lbs/acre along with 75-100 lbs/acre of small grain for forage or 150-200 lbs/acre alone for grain.