LCS Violetta 2-Row Winter Barley

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  • Bred for superior malt quality, earliness, short height, disease resistance
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Barley is an annual cereal grain used primarily for livestock feed and forage, and for malting. Barley grain has a similar nutrient profile to corn making it a valuable and versatile feed grain. Spring Barley is planted early in the spring and prefers well-drained, fertile soils for optimum production (avoid ground that had corn as the previous crop). We carry field-tested barley varieties that fit the diverse needs of producers.

LCS Violetta 2-Row Winter Barley
Performance Table
VarietyTypeDays to HeadingHeight (in)Straw StrengthUseAwns/Rachilla HairsProteinScabAvg. Yield 3-yr
LCS Violetta 2-Row Winter Barley2-rowEarlyShortVery StrongFeed MaltIDAvgID
Morex 6-Row Spring Barley6-rowMed.ShortStrongFeed ForageSemi-SmoothIDIDID
Quest 6-Row Spring Barley6-row5936AvgFeed Forage MaltSemi-Smooth Short13.3%5High
Robust 6-Row Spring Barley6-row6037AvgFeed ForageSemi-Smooth Short14.1%9Avg
Tradition 6-Row Spring Barley6-row5437Very StrongFeed MaltSemi-Smooth Long13.4%676.3
Royal Forage Barley6-rowEarlyShortStrongForageSemi-SmoothNANANA
Hays Forage Barley2-rowLateMed-TallStrongForageAwnless NoneNANANA
ND Genesis 2-Row Spring Barley2-row5534AvgFeed MaltSemi-Smooth Long11.5%680.6
Tinka 2-Row Spring Barley2-row6130StrongFeed MaltSemi-Smooth Long11.0%646
LCS Calypso 2-Row Winter Barley2-rowEarlyMedVery StrongFeed MaltIDAvgID
Organic SB151 6-Row Winter Barley6-rowEarlyMedStrongFeed MaltSmoothIDIDID
KWS Fantex 2-Row Spring Barley2-row~58~27StrongFeed, MaltSemi-SmoothIDIDID
Organic Haymaker Forage Barley2-rowLateTallForageAwnlessNANANA
KWS Orbit 6-Row Winter Barley6-rowMedTallVery StrongFeed, ForageIDIDIDID

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Fall Planting Date Trials and Winter Survivability, University of Minnesota Extension

Malting Barley Marketing Outlets

Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement by Albert Lea Seed. Contact malting operations before planting barley to market.

Anheuser-Busch Contract For Change

ID (Organic)

Moorhead, MN (Malt Plant)

ID, MT, ND (Grain Elevators)

Proximity Malt

Colorado, Delaware, Wisconsin

Proximity Malt

John Anderson


Preferred Varieties: LCS Violetta, LCS Genie

Rahr Malting

Shakopee, MN

(952) 445-1431

Contact name: Ron Volpi

Contract Method: Pre-contract

Preferred Varieties: AAC Synergy, Pinnacle, Explorer, Lacey

Briess Malting

Chilton, WI

(920) 849-7711

Contact name: Joe Tulius

Contract Method: Pre-contract, spot market

Preferred Varieties: ACC Synergy, Pinnacle


Detroit Lakes, MN

(218) 844-6258

Contact name: Randy Peterson / Kaj Peterson

Contract Method: spot market

Preferred Varieties: ACC Synergy


Milwaukee, WI


Contract Method: Pre-contract, spot market

Preferred Varieties: Mayflower, Voyager

Vertical Malt

Crookston, MN


Contact name: Adam Wagner

Contract Method: does not purchase

Preferred Varieties: ND Genesis, ACC Synergy

Two Track Malting

Bismark, ND



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