Organic Grass Hay Mix

Mixture of improved cool season grasses well suited as an alfalfa companion. Adds digestible fiber to hay and maximizes yield potential and reduces insect pressure.

Best Use: Best suited as a high-quality alfalfa companion.

Adaptation: Well adapted to all types of soils.

Management: Cut hay based on grass maturity, not alfalfa for maximum feed value. Especially important for first cutting in spring as grass will mature ahead of alfalfa.

Planting Date: April – May, August 1 – 25

Seeding: 25-30 lbs/acre straight or 5-10 lbs/acre with alfalfa or legume mix. Drill or broadcast and roll. Plant ¼ in. to ½ in. deep.




Your hay or pasture grass seed has to work for you—adapted to the purpose, place, and management you have in mind. We usually carry two or more varieties of each species, ranging from high quality forage to more economical selections when forage quality is not as vital. We also have several hay and pasture grass mixes that combine the advantages of several species in one bag.