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Organic ND Gardner Winter Rye

Certified Blue Tag
  • Tall, very early maturing variety bred specifically to replace Aroostook
  • Excellent winter hardiness. Higher seed yields and more biomass accumulation vs. Aroostook
  • Good candidate for organic roll-down cover crop use or as a forage crop
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Organic ND Gardner Winter Rye
Performance Table
VarietyWinter HardinessMaturityPlant HtStraw StrengthErgotTest Wt.Grain Protein2021 Yield (bu/A)Avg Yield 3 yrs (bu/A)
Organic ND Gardner Winter Rye3EarlyVery Talll539274.878.1
Organic Aroostook Winter Rye1EarlyTall9442IDID
Aroostook Winter Rye1EarlyTall9442IDID
ND Gardner Winter Rye3EarlyVery Tall539274.878.1
Organic Spooner Winter Rye5MedVery Tall64947475.6
Danko Winter Rye1MedVery Tall231795.692.4
Organic Danko Winter Rye1Med Very Tall231795.692.4
Hazlet Winter Rye2LateTall612689.789.9
Organic Hazlet Winter Rye2LateTall612689.789.9
KWS Tayo Hybrid Rye2LateShort1149121.3123.5
Organic KWS Tayo Hybrid Rye2LateShort1119121.3123.5
KWS Bono Hybrid Rye2LateShort1119120121.8
KWS Serafino Hybrid Winter Rye2LateShort1129120.5126.8
KWS Progas Hybrid Rye2IDMed2NANANANANA

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